Active Public Spaces

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La Plaça Market
Lung Vai School
Shelter Nº1
Bamboo Cloud
University of Art and Design
Vltavská Underground: Injecting Life through a Transformation
Pedestrian Recapture
CWLane Reading Space
O Minhocão
Suqian Santaishan Flower Quilt
Landscaping of the Final Stretch of the River Llobregat and Its Environmental and Social Recovery
The Cube
Common Ground High School
Floods, River Dynamics and Climate Change in Urban Public Space
Disappearing Garden
Danube's Atmospheres
Prepared Rehmannia Root Crafts Exhibition Hall
The Right to Dance: The Party as a Space of Representation
Inhabiting the Danube's Edge
Santander: A New City Model
Kindergarten Niederolang
Barcelona Metropolitan Master Plan
Plaça de la Cisterna
Santander Neighborhood Plan
Son Caulelles Cave
L'Anima(le) del Museo
Architecture as an Urban Mixer
Landskronhof: Recovering a Forgotten Space
Clara Campoamor Libray
Ca l'Altisent and Font del Rector Gardens
Making Places
Glyph: Plastic Waste 3D-printing as a Way to Redesign Urban Space
Streetmekka Viborg: Breathing New Life into Abandoned Industrial Buildings
Glasir: Democratizing Urban Farming in the Borough of Trees
Urbanism: An Archivist’s Art?
Encouraging Critical Thinking in Architecture
Street Expansion in an Informal Settlement
Juan Bobo Creek: Bringing Community Youth Together
Floodable Bridge: A Catalyst for Leisure, Culture, Sports and Educational Activities
Baakenpark: Green Center
Pavilion Martell: Multifaceted Architectural Project
Park Space
Playground in Les Planes Park
La Costeta Park. A Mediterranean Woodland
Repairing Natural Systems: Glebe4
Societal Impact in Architecture
Rooftop Greenhouse: Two Different Uses in a New Way
Repairing Urban Ecology: Prince Alfred Park and Pool Upgrade
Urban Dunes. Metropolitan Beaches
Skissernas Museum: Carrier of Identity
Pure Space
The Arsenal of Exclusion and Inclusion
The 15-Minute City: A Model for Urban Transformation
Public Space Acupuncture
Smog Free Tower
SESC 24 de Maio: Transformation and Development
Weave Youth and Community Services: An Agent of Transformation
Aux Entrepôts: Evoking the Site's Industrial History
How Much Public Space is Needed
Silesia University Radio and TV Department: Designing from the Context
Silesia University Radio and TV Department: Designing from the Context
Home for All: 66 New Homes to Low-income Citizens
Intertwined Environments: Healthy City
Turntable: Contemplating the Cycles of Camden's History
Urban Park Tultilan
The Splash: A Functional Artwork
The Exclusive and Inclusive Role of Design
Houssay Square: Promoting New Links
New York, USA
DeFlat Kleibrug: An Innovative Renovation
Repairing the Urban Landscape: the Weave Youth and Community Services
Juan Bobo Creek: Bringing Community Youth Together
Repairing Natural Systems: Glebe4
Tsukiji, JP
Xifré's Roof:
Odena's Main Square: Simplicity and Formal Clarity
Etaget: A Flexible Miniature Manhattan in Stockholm
Juan Bobo Creek: Bringing Community Youth Together
How Much Public Space is Needed
Singapore, SG
Desirable Sustainability
Tournai Faculty of Architecture: Identities and Periods Coexistence
Auckland, NZ
Rooftop Greenhouse: Two Different Uses in a New Way
Ágora Bogotá Convention Center: A City Within a City
Dalarna Media Library: Spiral of Knowledge
D12 Aspern: Comprehensive Urban Development
A Celebration of Travel
La Seine, FR
Niederhafen Promenade: Hamburg River Flood Protection
Detroit East Riverfront Framework Plan: More Land for Public Use
Born Market Surrounding Area: Urban Regeneration and Cultural Identity
Hoekenrodeplein: Redevelopment of a Square
Weave Youth and Community Services: An Agent of Transformation
The Tanks: Waterfront's Layered Industrial History
Hong Kong, CH
Moreelsebrug: Redevelopment of Utrecht's Station Area
Sant Antoni Market: Heritage and Restoration
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts: Performance Complex
Baakenpark: Green Center
Bass River Park: Responding to Changing Environmental Conditions
Temporary Facility in Barcelona: Detachable and Reusable
Ludic Surface / Theatre Square: Collective & Cultural Landscape
Mikhailovskaya Embankment: Bringing New Life to Novosibirsk
SESC 24 de Maio: Transformation and Development
Streetmekka Viborg: Breathing New Life into Abandoned Industrial Buildings
Valby Machinery Halls: Transformation into a Lively District
The Bentway: Harnessing the Void Underneath the Infrastructure
Pike Place Market Front: Building on an Iconic History
LocHal Public Library: An Intensive Redesign
Critical Making and Hacking: The Demystification of Systems and Structures
European School Copenhagen: A Vibrant Space in a Historic Site
Amos Rex: A New Museum in an Interesting Point
Red Cross Volunteer House: A Meeting Place
Oodi Helsinki Central Library: Public Space in a Significant Site
Off the Cuff: Filtering the Sky and Capturing the Space
The Exclusive and Inclusive Role of Design
The Public Machinery Multiprogram Ship: Sport and Cultural Platforms
Floodplain Marsh Recovery: A Critical Ecosystem
Toronto, CA
Data as a Mobility Insight: Defining Common Goals
Connecting Smart Mobility to City Form
Urban Network Analysis: Tools for Modeling Pedestrian and Bicycle Trips in Cities
Recovery of the Old Gypsum Mines of Igualada: New Sustainable Mobility Infrastructure
Public Rooftop at the Women's Centre in Shu'afat Refugee Camp
Downtown America
Norra Tornen: Two Inherited Building Envelopes
Las Mercedes Park: An Urban Acupuncture System
Auckland Waterfront: Hybrid Uses for a Post-Industrial Harbour Promenade
Linear Park Cuernavaca: Security, Infrastructure and Landscape
Spacing in the City
The Closet: A Series of Techno-Affective Devices
Prince Alfred Park and Pool Upgrade: A Public Open Space
Lidingö Bridge Village: Combo-proposal for an Icon
Towards More Livable Streets. New Technologies and Sustainable Mobility.
Evry Social Housing: The South in the North
50 Years On: How to Transform Las Vegas through Strategic Density Increase
The Social Production of Public Space: a Lack of Consensus
Estonoesunsolar: Long-term Strategies Based on Temporary Interventions
Domino Park: Domino Sugar Factory Redevelopment Plan
Pop Up Park: a Summer Oasis in an Underused Public Space
Architecture’s New Proposal to Make Cites More Competitive
Repairing Urban Ecology: Prince Alfred Park and Pool Upgrade
Haute Deûle River Banks Eco District
The Aerial Way or How I Learned to Stop Using the Ground and Move through the Air
Timber Bridge at Longpoint Corridor: Connection between Neighborhoods
Skissernas Museum: Carrier of Identity
Bringing Gardens Back: Renovation of the Garden Ring
Weave Youth and Community Services: an Agent of Transformation
Sutherland Road
Faraday House
Digital Infrastructure
Millenary Park: Motivation and Interaction
Almost Buildings
1111 Lincoln Road: Much More than a Car Park
Freiburg Town Hall: The World's First Public Net-Surplus-Energy Building
Chophouse Row: Merging Past, Present & Future
Bottom-up Processes for the Public Space
Societal Impact in Architecture
Re-Urbanization of Sapé: Maximizing the Public Space
Sedatex Reform: Adaptation and Renovation of an Industrial Space for New Uses
Design Education and Action
City Lights, Nighttime Design: A Research-based, Prototype Pilot with Citizen Participation
Willem II Passage: an Augmented Brickwork
Led Action Façade: Activating the Public Space
Boarded-up Houses
Where the Building Happens
Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics: a Spiral of Collaborative Cosmology and Space Science
The Expression of Sound
Tigre Cerrada: Politics of Enclosure in South America
Children are Dangerous: Listening to Plan Happier Cities
New Lab Brooklyn: Innovative Nature of Green Research and Manufacturing Center
Building 77: a Modern Production Facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Nürnberg, DE
BlocOnze Can Batlló: Collaborative Reinhabitation Process for Self-managed Facilities
Thinking with the Hands: Collaborative Architecture as Educational Platform
Geometric for the People: Collaborative Structures to Empower Communities
Vila Flores: An Architectural Process: Re-Signification, Collectivity and Learning
Oasis Tropical Stairs: Connecting Communities
NAWA Pavilion: Inflated steel sculpture
Maersk Tower: Floating Paths for Pedestrians; City's Sights for Health Researchers
Muttrah Fish Market: Merging Tradition With Innovation
Smart Highways & Van Gogh Bicycle Path
Bike Lane: Cycling in American Cities
From Biscuits to Bits at Bakery Square
Sands Bethworks: Transforming USA's Largest Brownfield
The Tripoli Fair
Storkeengen: Landscape and Climate Adaption
Play Landscape be-MINE: a Playground Set on a Coal Mine
Roman Quarry Redesign: a Path Through the Rocks
Envisioning Architecture’s Quality: Recruiting Worldwide to Synthesize
Advocating Architecture: Seeking Solutions to Drive the Change
Amager Bakke Rooftop Park: Bringing Green Back to an Industrial Area
Silesia University Radio and TV Department: Designing from the Context
The ABWAB Pavilion: A Mesh of Mattress' Springs
Paint It Black:
Performance in the City
The Threshold Experience
Teopanzolco Cultural Center: A Platform Between the Past and the Present
Stellar: Light Installation
NightLight: Class 9
L'Oasis d'Aboukir: Ecologically Beautifying the City
Milan's European Innovation Hub: Recycling the World Expo Site for the Sake of Science
When Work Space Meets Living Space
Urban Futures: Smart Cities Research Institute
Palazzo del Cinema di Locarno: Modernizing with Simplicity
Passages: Transitional Spaces for the 21st-Century City
Rijnstraat 8: Meeting Center for All Ministries
Bayt: A Different View on Social Housing in Morocco
Good Design Over Grand Gestures: Fixing U.S. Infrastructure Calls for a Smarter Approach
Tsing Tao Pearl Visitor Center
TPL Scarborough Civic Centre Branch
Hong Kong / Shenzhen / By-City / By-Product
By-City / By-Product
Israels Plads
Street Dome
Pavilion Martell
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
Beigang Cultural Center
One Central Park
Modalities of Spontaneous
Hastings Pier
Waterlicht & Dune
BCN Tour
Bay of Luanda Waterfront
Tangier, MA
Cricket Shelter
House 2
DayLight Class 9
Stone Matters
Sammlers Traum
Times Square, NY
Clover House
Hong Kong, HK
Marrakech, MA
Djemma El-Fna. Carts, Snakes & Storytellers
Monash Northern Plaza
Brussels, BE
Taipei, CHN
London, UK
Bicycle Hotel
The Smile
Play Landscape be-MINE
Ivrea, IT
Bilbao, SP
Puerto Chico Plaza & Market
Glorias, Barcelona, SP
Coro Field: Phase 1
Raised Gardens in Sants
Ortszeit, DEU
Urbanism: An Archivist’s Art?
Los Cerrajones Industrial Park
Broadband Urbanism
Bordeaux, FR
Dome of Visions
Ventilation Chimney
Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park
Socialist Modernism
012 Central
Detroit, US
Appropriation of Nature
Mexico D.F., MEX
The Form of the Possibility
On Urban Design, the Shrinking City and the Spatial Ideologies of the American Metropolis.
Johannesburg, ZA
Smog Free Tower
Berlin, DE
The Goods Line
Navy Yards Central Green
Into the Wild
The Park
University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons
Out of Season
Docklands City Park
New Holland Island
More than Punctual Interventions
Long-Term Strategies Based on Temporary Interventions
The Lowline Lab
Seattle, US
Colorful Makeover
Mirador 70
Closed for Holidays
Bognor Regis, GBR
The Pitfalls of the Political
Public Space as a Stage
Old Delhi, IND
Bangkok, THA
Four Small Installations
Old Delhi, IND
FAV Pavilion
The Plaza at Harvard
Bamboo Pavilion
Mexican Suburbs
The CityDeck
My Private Public Space
Plaza Boedo
Monash University Caulfield Campus Green
Copenhagen Harborfront: Critical Review
Bucharest. Comfortable Capitalism
Erie Street Plaza
Ludic Surface / Theatre Square
Public Space Acupuncture
NY. Hydrant, Water always Writes in Plural
Auckland Waterfront