Desirable Sustainability


Copenhagen-based architect Bjarke Ingels is not one to shy away from big ideas. Founder of the aptly named BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), he eschews cohesive style in favor of flexible urban environments — something he believes is vital in a constantly changing world. In a new video produced for the Time Space Existence video series, Ingels unpacks his approach to design, incorporating humor, surprise and sustainability.

More than simply an architect, Ingels is a place-maker in its broadest sense. Having coined the term ‘hedonistic sustainability’, he blends fun with deeply rooted sustainable principles. “What if sustainability is not a compromise?” he asks in the video. “What if it’s not a sacrifice? What if it’s actually simply the more desirable life choice?” This approach has led to bold, original designs such as the Copenhill Power Plant, topped by an artificial ski slope, and the LEGO House in Copenhagen, made using over 25 million LEGO bricks.


This interview series has been made possible with the support of the European Cultural Centre.