Urban Park Tultilan


Architects: PRODUCTORA
Location: Tultitlán, Mexico
Area: 9,800 m2
Year: 2018
Photography: Onnis Luque

The project, located in the Hogares Castera housing unit in the Municipality of Tultitlán, is an initiative made by INFONAVIT and the CIDS (Research Center for Sustainable Development). It mainly consists of a 15-meter-wide by 200-meter-long concrete corridor, along which various elements in colored concrete are grouped together to form recreation spaces.

The first of the elements is a set of 50 x 50 cm cubes arranged along the lineal corridor to create a meeting point. Next we find a multi-purpose triangular pavilion.

More recreational elements round out the trajectory, such as: an element for public events with a flagpole; a series of triangular walls forming a play area; an elongated wedge shape which functions as both a climbing structure and a grandstand; a small circular platform; and another small platform that occupies part of the corridor and part of a garden attached to it. Surrounding the corridor is a wooded area with multipurpose courts, an outdoor gym and a series of children’s play areas.