Nürnberg, DE

Nürnberg, DE by Peter Ortner

The former Nazi Party rally grounds, called Reichsparteitagsgelände, are located in the southwestern part of Nürnberg. This area is still a reminder of the megalomania of the National Socialist regime. It is an architectural expression of the Nazi Party, set in an urban space. On about eleven square kilometers, this complex can still be visited and is used today for car racing, fairs or as a parking lot.
As you walk around the area many questions arise: Are architectural aesthetics dependent on use? Is the complex merely ugly or do the references to historic Roman and Greek buildings have some quality or even beauty? How was the corporate identity achieved through architecture by the Nazi regime? What should be done with this urban reference to terror and mass propaganda in the future?
It was built to last at least a thousand years. However, the shell limestone is already declining, and trees are growing in the stands. Urban architecture itself tells the story.

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