Plaza Boedo

Castillo Kogan Architects | Leonardo Cabral

Published in Total Latin American Architecture.

Design team: Castillo-Kogan Architects, Paz Castillo and Carolina Kogan, Leonardo Cabral.
Collaborators: Mariano Sosa, Eric Chen, Florencia Spina.
Location: Plaza Boedo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Date: 2008-2011.
Project: Public Square.
Built area: 130,020 SF.

Mariano Boedo Square is located in between United States Street, Sanchez de Loria, Carlos Calvo and Virry Liniers streets. Its 1.08 ha. surface allocates 53% total to green spaces, filled with trees, bushes and climbing plants. The other 47% hosts a playground area, an amphitheater, a showroom area, a multipurpose hall, several resting and meeting points. The multipurpose hall is built from an existing structure in Carlos Calvo Street.

Image 6 - Ground Plan

Image 7 - Vegetation PlanImage 8 - Conceptuale Scheme

The main goal was developing recreational areas, not only involved in day-to-day life but in cultural activities. Due to this fact, the project is built in different height layers surrounded by green walls. A series of spaces whose characteristics and categories stimulate the development of neighborhood assemblies, parties, exhibitions and meetings.

image 12a 2011image 13a december 2012image 13b december 2012image 13c december 2012junio de 2015 en la plaza boedo 04junio de 2015 en la plaza boedo 06aerial view

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