Ortszeit, DEU

Ortszeit, DEU by Stefan Koppelkamm

First published in “Ortszeit | Local Time“, Edition Axel Menges, Stuttgart/London 2006.
Fans of Homeland may find Stefan Koppelkamm’s photos familiar: they decorate the walls of the CIA offices in the last season of Homeland which was shot last year in Berlin.
Koppelkamm took his photos of streets and houses in East Berlin and other cities of the former GDR after the fall of the wall when, for a while, time seemed to stand still. He came back ten years later to register the changes and took photos from the exact same viewpoints. The changes are remarkable: social and economical transformations permeate each of these images.
A selection of these photos, which were first published in 2006 in his book »Ortszeit Local Time« are now on display in his show »Stefan Koppelkamm. Häuser Räume Stimmen. Houses Rooms Voices« in the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts (Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig) until 29 may 2016. The exhibition catalogue with texts in German and English was published by Hatje Cantz.

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