Building 77: a Modern Production Facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Marvel Architects

Architects: Marvel Architects
Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York
Year: Fall 2017
Photography: Daniel Byrne

Reopened in 2017, Building 77 is a modern production center in the Brooklyn Navy Yard located on Flushing Avenue between the DUMBO, Williamsburg and Fort Green neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

The building was rapidly constructed in 1942 as a 16-story reinforced concrete structure. The windowless lower 11 floors provided warehouse storage, while the upper floors served as offices for the Yard’s Commandant and the US Navy’s oversight of the North Atlantic Fleet during WWII. The building is a part of the National Register Brooklyn Navy Yard Historic District.

Converting the existing concrete structure into a modern production facility involved creating openings on the 11 floors with windowless façades and installing new windows and doors across the entire building. New core mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and fire alarm systems were installed throughout. Elevators include four refurbished and four new passenger elevators, plus the upgrade of four freight elevators at each corner of the building, connecting to two active-use load docks, each 260’ in length.

These systems allow tenant build-out for a mix of office, design and production spaces with direct connection to entrance lobbies and docks for load-in and distribution of materials and products. The ground floor is designed for food production tenants, providing retail opportunities in the central, public pedestrian corridor with production loading and distribution at the docks.

Today, the 1 million-square-foot Building 77 has become a new front door to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, providing the opportunity for over 3,000 new jobs.