Waterlicht & Dune

Daan Roosegaarde

Waterlicht is the dream landscape about the power and poetry of water. As a virtual flood, it shows how high the water could reach without human intervention. Waterlicht, also known as “the Northern Light of the Netherlands” experiences the flood channel of the river IJssel near Westervoort. Waterlight reveals the invisible artworks of the Netherlands, and will appear throughout the Netherlands in the coming years.

Waterlicht at Museumplein Amsterdam.

Waterlight consists of wavy lines of light made with the latest LED technology, software and lenses.



Waterlicht at Museumplein Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Waterlicht at Rijn & IJssel for Dutch Waterboard, The Netherlands.

The artwork Waterlight consists of wavy lines of light across an area of over 4 acres. Walking on the dike the light lines are perceived as high water, once in the flood channel you find yourself in an underwater world.

The water boards are pleased with Waterlight. “In Waterlight people experience what the Netherlands would look like without their dykes” says Hein Pieper, chairman of water board Rhine and IJssel. “Awareness is crucial, because the Dutch (water)artworks need every day maintenance and our national water awareness is the foundation of that maintenance.”



Waterlicht at Nuit Blanche, Paris.

Dune X, art movie especially created for the Biennale of Sydney.

Dune X is the interactive landscape of light by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde for the 18th Sydney Art Biennale.

This hybrid of nature and technology is composed of large amounts of fibers that brighten according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors. Filled with hundreds of interactive lights and sounds, Dune X investigates nature in a futuristic relation with urban space.


Dune 4.1 Maastunnel

Dune 4.1 Maastunnel is a public, interactive landscape placed in the Maastunnel for the Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture.

With its upgraded embedded technologies, this enlarged interactive artwork reacts to the sounds and motions of the people daily passing by. Dune 4.1 is a sensual layer of interaction over the existing architecture of the Maastunnel in Rotterdam, NL.

Dune 4.2 is a new, permanent interactive landscape residing alongside the Maas River in Rotterdam, NL. This public artwork of 60 meters utilizes less than 60 Watts while intuitively interacting with its visitors; rendering the installation sustainable as well as cutting-edge in construction.


Within this setting, Rotterdam citizens are able to enjoy a daily ‘walk of light’.


Dune 4.2. Maas River

Dune 4.1. Maastunnel.
Date: 2007.
Client: Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture.
Materials: Hundreds of fibers, steel, microphones, sensors, speakers, software and other media.
Size: Corridor of 40 meters.

Dune 4.2. Maas River.
Date: 2010-2011.
Client: CBK Rotterdam.
Materials: Hundreds of fibers, steel, sensors, speakers, software and other media.
Size: Corridor of 60 meters in neighborhood ‘Esch’ Rotterdam, NL. Open for public at night.