Djemma El-Fna. Carts, Snakes & Storytellers

Manuel Bailo

Cataloging: Construction of trading and leisure infrastructures, environmental modification and interpretation and manipulation of pop culture elements.
Catalyst: Oral trade.
Example: Spaces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity Djemma El Fna Marrakech.
Date: 1070 –Today.
Author: Traders and spectators.
Address: Jemma El Fna Square.
Description: It is a place that has always wanted to preserve the mixture and difference as urban conditions; as its essential vocation. The strength of the Jemma El Fna Square does not rely on its shape or on its architectural project, but on the oral and immaterial aspects of the place.

A rich and austere space.
The Jemma el Fna Square has been a fundamental example for the development of this work on public catalysts. Its singularity and difference with regard to the classic European squares has served us to find out which are the necessary conditions for a public space to be vivacious. To study an urban place constructed from austerity, without material or architectural resources, has all lead us to discover the essence of the public space.

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