Where the Building Happens

PLANE—SITE | Studio Libeskind

Curated and produced by PLANE—SITE, this video series features interviews with prominent architects reflecting on the topics of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE. These three concepts sketch out the contours of the world around us — a fact especially true within architecture. Taking these words as its starting point, the GAA Foundation is set to curate its fourth collateral exhibition in the context of La Biennale di Venezia Architettura, entitled Time-Space-Existence and opening in May 2018. Featuring over 100 established and emerging architects, and unapologetically international in breadth, the exhibition provides a fascinating complement to a biennial traditionally drawn along national lines.
This interview series has been made possible with the support of the European Cultural Centre.

Time, Space and Existence. No architect embodies these ideas with greater aplomb than Daniel Libeskind. Working in the spaces of memory, his buildings sketch out disjunctures in the timeline. A new interview offers insight into Libeskind’s body of work and his philosophical understanding of time. He also discusses the power of drawing and his work on the memorial at Ground Zero.



Some drawings and views of Daniel Libeskind’s new tower, Facing Gaia, to be unveiled during the Venice Biennial: