Sammlers Traum


Design: raumlaborberlin.
Design team: Andrea Hofman , Jan Liesegang , Markus Bader with Claire Mothais , Louise Nguyen , Lukas Hamilcaro , Servane Ardeois, within the scope of the IGA Berlin 2017 , on the Kienberg terraces.
Location: Berlin, Germany.
Commissioned by Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR).
Structural design: BuroHappold Engineering.

Dealing with waste is an essential part of our everyday practice. Collector’s Dream questions current practice and tests the use of waste materials as building materials.


The walk-in sculptural installation by raumlaborberlin combines a wooden skeleton construction with a kaleidoscope made of recycled materials, forging the aesthetic qualities of the room.

Three pointed roofs stand perpendicular to the path, spanning a largely open area above a wooden terrace that extends out into the outer space and connects to the surrounding area via flat steps and a ramp. As you approach the installation, a kaleidoscope of the materials that are inserted into the different roof surfaces opens. An element bricked in glass bottles pushes itself into the covered area as an enigmatic, organically shaped, sparkling green luminous space body.

Various materials – such as tetra paks, plastic bottles, oil barrels, old windows, and furniture wood – are removed from the material cycle (from waste to recovery). In a joint construction process, in the context of workshops with pupils, students and other interested persons, these materials are sorted, put together and incorporated into elements that are combined to create a roof skin. The participants learn how to deal with materials and can bring their own ideas into the implementation.

The result is an atmospheric, flexible space sculpture, which communicates topics such as recycling and innovative building materials as well as participatory processes and community building.