NY. Hydrant, Water always Writes in Plural

Manuel Bailo

Cataloging: Environmental modifications and construction of Infrastructures of Trade and Leisure.
Catalyst: Water.
Example: Spontaneous alteration of the urban normality. Street in NY during the summer.
Date: Until today.
Author: New Yorkers.
Address: NY.
Description: Some children from a big dense American city like NY use the accidental water escape of a firemen hose to convert the streets into a place for games. It is an example of how a hazardous situation of minimal resources can transform the city.

Monumental fountains.
The monumental fountains are objects to be thoughtfully observed. They are urban elements that furnish the public space and that in many occasions symbolize the moments in which the city has suffered subsequent transformations or important events. Water spouts, sometimes of great height, turn into urban modals that splash and scare away the pedestrians who look at them from far away, avoiding getting wet.

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