Agency of Urban Organization

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The Arsenal of Exclusion and Inclusion
Pavilion Martell: Multifaceted Architectural Project
Societal Impact in Architecture
Smog Free Tower
The Exclusive and Inclusive Role of Design
Born Market Surrounding Area: Urban Regeneration and Cultural Identity
Moreelsebrug: Redevelopment of Utrecht's Station Area
Sant Antoni Market: Heritage and Restoration
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts: Performance Complex
Bass River Park: Responding to Changing Environmental Conditions
Temporary Facility in Barcelona: Detachable and Reusable
Ludic Surface / Theatre Square: Collective & Cultural Landscape
The Bentway: Harnessing the Void Underneath the Infrastructure
The Exclusive and Inclusive Role of Design
The Public Machinery Multiprogram Ship: Sport and Cultural Platforms
Auckland Waterfront: Hybrid Uses for a Post-Industrial Harbour Promenade
Estonoesunsolar: Long-term Strategies Based on Temporary Interventions
Digital Infrastructure
1111 Lincoln Road: Much More than a Car Park
Chophouse Row: Merging Past, Present & Future
Bottom-up Processes for the Public Space
Societal Impact in Architecture
Re-Urbanization of Sapé: Maximizing the Public Space
Sedatex Reform: Adaptation and Renovation of an Industrial Space for New Uses
Design Education and Action
City Lights, Nighttime Design: A Research-based, Prototype Pilot with Citizen Participation
Willem II Passage: an Augmented Brickwork
Led Action Façade: Activating the Public Space
New Lab Brooklyn: Innovative Nature of Green Research and Manufacturing Center
Building 77: a Modern Production Facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
BlocOnze Can Batlló: Collaborative Reinhabitation Process for Self-managed Facilities
Thinking with the Hands: Collaborative Architecture as Educational Platform
Geometric for the People: Collaborative Structures to Empower Communities
Oasis Tropical Stairs: Connecting Communities
Maersk Tower: Floating Paths for Pedestrians; City's Sights for Health Researchers
Muttrah Fish Market: Merging Tradition With Innovation
Smart Highways & Van Gogh Bicycle Path
Advocating Architecture: Seeking Solutions to Drive the Change
Teopanzolco Cultural Center: A Platform Between the Past and the Present
Passages: Transitional Spaces for the 21st-Century City
Rijnstraat 8: Meeting Center for All Ministries
Bayt: A Different View on Social Housing in Morocco
Tsing Tao Pearl Visitor Center
TPL Scarborough Civic Centre Branch
Israels Plads
Street Dome
Pavilion Martell
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
Beigang Cultural Center
Hastings Pier
Waterlicht & Dune
Bay of Luanda Waterfront
Cricket Shelter
House 2
Stone Matters
Sammlers Traum
Clover House
Monash Northern Plaza
Bicycle Hotel
Los Cerrajones Industrial Park
012 Central
Smog Free Tower
The Park
Into the Wild
The Goods Line
Navy Yards Central Green
University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons
Docklands City Park
New Holland Island
The Lowline Lab
Mirador 70
Four Small Installations
FAV Pavilion
The Plaza at Harvard
Bamboo Pavilion
The CityDeck
Plaza Boedo
Monash University Caulfield Campus Green
Copenhagen Harborfront: Critical Review
Erie Street Plaza
Ludic Surface / Theatre Square
Auckland Waterfront