Scenography of Space: More than Music


Author: Plane-Site
Music: Featherlight by Lee Rosevere

Concert halls resonate at multiple frequencies across different scales, reverberating from the body to the city. Both the result and physical embodiment of complex urban policy decisions, they convey not just a sense of urban identity, they also provide a public service for the community residing there – concertgoers or not. In this film created as part of the PLANE—SITE initiated SCENOGRAPHY OF SPACE project, key stakeholders at Europe’s leading contemporary concert halls discuss the need for programming that reaches new audiences. Acoustical and scenographic designers address the architectural challenges that this unprecedented flexibility requires in the design of these musical landmarks.

PLANE—SITE’s critical research on the SCENOGRAPHY OF SPACE explores how the architecture of concert halls creates multi-faceted spaces for experience and community, how design can facilitate inclusiveness and accessibility to the arts, and the role culture plays in shaping the city. In 2017, PLANE—SITE presented the first series of films at the World Architecture Festival, providing the foundation for intriguing exchanges on the issues and questions that arose during this first phase and revealing how much there is still left to explore in the next.