Haus Birne: Relationship Between the Living Space and the Treetops


Architects: ma_ma
Location: Nüziders, Austria
Year: 2017
Photography: Hanno Mackowitz

The starting point for the design of Haus Birne [Pear House] were three old pear trees and the client’s wish for a relationship between the living space and the treetops.

The design is based on a simple and cheap wooden construction with a spruce façade, without a basement level or elevator. A compact living room is extended with a terrace or balcony facing south and west. The ornamentation made of simple roof battens is used for shading, visual protection, protection against falls, and as a climbing aid for climbing plants. In the interior, surfaces such as 3S slabs and visible screed are used. Views and sightlines are influenced by the surrounding trees. The lightweight construction almost seems like a houseboat parked in a green harbor. A change in level in the west invites you to linger, generating the program that gives the house its name: Haus Birne.