G1203 House Gentbrugge: a Residential and Work Cluster from a Stonemason’s Workplace


Architect: GAFPA
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Date: 2015
Size: 180 m2
Photography: GAFPA | Tim Van de Velde

A former workshop for a stonemason is accessible by a gatehouse along Leo Tertzweillaan street in Gentbrugge.

The site has been refurbished with a cluster of new residential units and small workshops around a central square. The client owns a portion of the site, which consists of a concrete structure adjacent to a double-height steel structure.
The design leaves the existing structures intact and adds a third, light wooden structure. A compact, two-story residential volume is placed under the roof of the high shed, pushed to the side walls. The slabs of the concrete structure are removed to create a walled garden. The existing concrete structure is preserved in the garden and is copied in the wooden structure of the house.