Aranzadi Park

Alday Jover Architecture and Landscape

Extract from the upcoming publication in Water Index.

, ed. Seth McDowell. Actar, 2017.
Principal Designers: Alday Jover arquitectos: Iñaki Alday + Margarita Jover Biboum.
Collaborators: Jesus Arcos, Catalina Salvà, Marilena Lucivero, Andreu Meixide, Susana Mitjans, Marta Castañé, Hector Ortín, Raquel Villa, Francisco Mesonero, Júlia Salvia, Cecilia Vinyolas, Davide Vason.
Location: Pamplona, Spain.
Design&construction period: 2008-2013.
Photographer: Alday Jover arquitectos.

This is an unusual place: a beautiful meander hidden between Pamplona and the neighborhoods of Rochapea and Chantrea, where the local farmers have grown vegetable gardens with the oldest biodynamic production in Spain.

Aerial View © Alday Jover

Today, some of the plots have been abandoned and the river has been forced into a tight channel that is subject to sudden flooding. The ultimate goal of this proposal is to rebalance the position of strength with which man has been linked to the environment seeking out a balance and a covenant.


Alday Jover proposes restoring the dynamism of a natural meander in terms of its environmental role within the river corridor, through the establishment of an environmental public park. They seek out a balance between the needs of a high-quality space for citizenship, the dynamics of the river, the cultivation of local crop varieties recovered through organic farming, and the environmental role of the park within the urban fabric.

aldayjover-low bridges

The micro-topography of the meander suggests a new temporary river course for times when the waters are high. Part of the park is a space shared by the river and the citizens. The floodable forest decreases the frequency of flooding in the orchards and gardens, while simultaneously creating a river landscape within the park, which is subject to the seasonal dynamics of flood water. Water serves as landscape in the park.

aldayjover-path between river and orchardsaldayjover-paths end floodable forest

Alday Jover begins with the certainty that the landscape is rooted in its behavior and its history. They propose a strategy for enhancing the potential and the traces of the place, building a new landscape from its history: matter of memory and future. The territory’s past, inherent in its setting and its behavior, serves as the basis for its future.

aldayjover-water entrance

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Area: 20,000 m2.
Landscape and Agronomy: Roser Vives Delàs.
Hydraulic Engineering: ABM Engineering and Consulting; David Maruny ICCP; David Solans ICCP.
Structural Engineering: Consultores BIS Arquitectos; David García.
MEP Engineering: PyP Proyectos y Promoción de Ingeniería SL; Ernesto Calvo.
Lighting: Artec3, Maurici Ginés.
Water Treatment: ASEPMA Medioambiente; Jochen Scheerer.
Promoters: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona.