Ultra-fast Charging Station: a Meaningful Break for Drivers


Architects: COBE | CLEVER
Location: Fredericia, Denmark
Year: 2018

New charging stations for electric vehicles give drivers a meaningful break. In cooperation with the Danish company CLEVER, which supplies charging solutions for electric vehicles, Danish architects COBE are presenting their design for a modular system of ultra-fast charging stations. The first of the new charging stations opens in Fredericia, Denmark, in summer 2018. The idea is to let drivers take a meaningful break from their travels.

In the future, electricity will replace petrol and diesel as the fuel for our cars. However, while it takes approximately five minutes to fill up your car with petrol, charging an electric vehicle today is a more time-consuming exercise which can easily take 45 minutes. People lead busy lives, and every minute counts. The charging station of the future should not only minimize charging times but also create a meaningful break for the driver.

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Engineers: Arup
Programme: Charging stations for electric vehicles
Size: Modular concept which can be tailored to requirements
Status: First charging station opens in Fredericia in mid-2018