Gabinete de Arquitectura

Design: Gabinete de Arquitectura.
Team: Solano Benítez, Gloria Cabral, Alberto Marinoni, Xtina Cabrera, Gabriela Torreani.
Location: Lambare, Paraguay.
Project area: 3,200 sq.m.
Site area: 13,800 sq.m.
Photographs: Mario Novas.

The Telethon Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Paraguay is 30 years old. Over the years the fate of the institution fate has gone hand in hand with the country where it is headquartered. Neglect, corruption and discouragement have been stages to overcome on the road to recovering and revitalizing its important social function.



Telethon Rehabilitation Centers (CRIT) are built and put into service based on a single fundraising event, which takes place annually via a telethon. Every brick used in the project is the result of a social donation. In that sense, a whole series of constructions are necessary in bringing them to life: the construction that uses bricks, which depends our professional practice; the construction of the institution, which we contribute to with our creativity and imagination; and the social construction that fights against apathy and distrust. An initial phase demolished walls, broke down barriers and erased prejudices. Now it’s time to open doors, give a warm welcome, and take people in.


Pool Planplanta_y_corte_adm_1
Plan & Cross Section

Collaborators: Bertha Gonzalez, Mercedes Peña, Salvatore Vicidomini, Paolo Oliva, Jorge Gallardo, Mathias Ortiz, Bertha Peronni.