Dominique Coulon & Associés

Design: Dominique Coulon & Associés.
Architects: Dominique Coulon and Benjamin Rocchi.
Project assistants: David Romero-Uzeda, Olivier Nicollas, Chang Zhang, Javier Gigosos Ruipérez, Pedro Rodríguez Ruipérez, Ania Klukowski, Gautier Duthoit.
Construction site supervision: Emilie Brichard, Jean Scherer.
Client : EPMS Marie du Merle in Orbec.
Location: 8 rue de la Source, 14290 Orbec, Calvados, France .
Photographs: Eugeni Pons and David Romero-Uzeda.

This care and retirement home was built in the heart of the Normandy bocage, near the village of Orbec. The building follows the sloping curve of the hillside and is visible from the valley.

To reduce the visual impact of this imposing building, we felt it preferable to divide it up. We achieved the desired effect by using the color green, with the result that the building both blends into the larger landscape and reflects the rural nature of the site. The undersides of the overhangs and the white walls of the base produce a feeling of lightness.




Each of the living units fits into one section of the building, and all are connected to a south-facing street, backed by the hill. This arrangement provides views through the building from one side to the other, with light punctuating the traffic routes and achieving maximum variety. The color red destructures the space and adds dynamism. We avoided using the conventional colors of a hospital environment.

The building has been designed to enhance the living and walking areas. Its strength lies in its relationship with the landscape.

Surface: 5833 sqm.
Budget: 12 279 536 € H.T.
Engineers and consultants :
Structural Engineer: Batiserf Ingénierie.
Mechanical Plumbing Engineer: BET G.Jost.
Electrical Engineer: BET G.Jost.
Cost Estimator: E3 économie.
Acoustics: Euro sound project.
Kitchen expert : Ecotral.
Landscape: Bruno Kubler.
Construction companies : Earthworks (LANGEVIN TP), special foundations, poles (PIEUX OUEST), Structure + sewerage networks (GAGNERAUD Construction), road works (COLAS) water proofing roofing (SEO), exterior joinery (ACD ERNOULT), facades (DSA ATLANTIQUE), green areas (LEBLOIS ENVIRONNEMENT), metalworks (R2C), interior joinery (PERRIN), plastering (JOBIN PLÂTRE MODERNE), elevator (OTIS), glued floors (PATRIZIO), tiled floors (REVNOR), painting (DURAND), electricity (EIFFAGE ENERGIE), heating, ventilation, plombing and drainage (SANICHAUFFAGE), kitchen and frozen chamber (MBI).