Nelson St Cycleway: Reuse of a Highway Infrastructure

Monk Mackenzie

Architects: Monk Mackenzie
Location: Austin, USA
Year: 2015

The project is the reuse of a redundant piece of Auckland’s highway infrastructure and was reinvented as a cycleway that completes Auckland’s inner city cycle loop.

The 600-meter offramp is painted a bright resolute pink to signal an urban realm for pedestrians and cyclists that is differentiated from the surrounding active highway network.

Three hundred individual LED light poles are arranged as a spine down one side of the cycleway, acting as an interactive light sculpture that transforms the new urban space at dusk, thus giving the project its name.

Artist Katz Maihi was commissioned to provide custom artwork for the overall project, and these are woven subtly through the scheme.

This project is part of the Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019/20