Museum Berggruen

Kuehn Malvezzi

Architects: Kuehn Malvezzi
Location: Berlin
Years: 2008 – 2012
Program: Museum extension

Kuehn Malvezzi realized the extension and interior fittings of the Museum Berggruen in the museum district of Charlottenburg, Berlin. A new glass pergola connects the Stülerbau-West with the neighbouring Kommandantenhaus, making the new sculpture garden into the center of the ensemble. A distinguished architecture of thresholds and relationships between existing buildings has become the instrument for a complete reorientation of the museum by incorporating the outdoor into the architectural composition.

The new building is situated along the historic gate and interprets elements borrowed from traditional garden design; a colonnade, open on all sides, functions as a belvedere, providing a view of the Schloss Charlottenburg on the opposite side and the sculpture garden patio, which is framed by high trees. The transparent steel construction sets itself apart from the historic façades of the two adjoining buildings and thus emphasizes their character as solitaires.


The alleyway links the collection exhibition in both houses and makes the garden accessible via a hedge-lined path. From the central rotunda of the Stülerbau the view is directed along the pergola towards the beginning of the exhibition at the Kommandantenhaus, embedding the outside into the exhibition route.

A foyer with visitors’ services was added in the Stülerbau-West. The extension attaches three floors to the Museum Berggruen. The constructions include climate-control technology, safety engineering, delivery areas and a lift.