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Interview conducted by Roché Smith Rabie.

Mobile Theatre: Temporal Architecture

urbanNext interviews Fernando Quesada on his research on the Mobile Theater project, its design strategies and how this knowledge can help address future challenges.

To start off, we just wanted to ask you if you could please introduce yourself and give a bit of background about who you are and what you do.

I am an architect and a PhD holder. After a period of practice, a long time ago, I now teach, and do research. I have been researching since 2002 when I finished my dissertation, which was about the theatrical space – more specifically about the dialectic between the space for the audience and the space for the actors. It was research about this clash and about how, for approximately 100 years, those relations have been interpreted by different architects and theater directors, thinkers, and some scientists as well.

Since then, I have been doing research, along with some practice and some activities, in the field of something called Explicit Performing Arts. This area is not particularly interested in the theater building in itself, in the typology of theater buildings and how they have been changing over time, but rather in what’s happening inside, around and in between different thresholds both inside and outside the building. The work also studies the political and social implications of those relationships. So, in 2009, I joined a research association of academics and practitioners in Spain known as Artea.

From that moment, we created a legal association and we started to raise funds for developing an extended research project. We’ve been active through four projects and now we are directing a new project, part of which is my book Mobile Theater.

Mobile Theater design by Javier Navarro

Mobile Theater design by Javier Navarro
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Interview conducted by Roché Smith Rabie.

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