For Designers: Personal Notes and Essays for Designers’ Emancipation. Systems

Gauthier Roussilhe

Design is difficult to define. It is an evanescent form that escapes the grip of the one who wants to appropriate it. This fugacity is the strength of design. It is not limited to a single definition; it is all its definitions at once. It crosses disciplines but exists only through them. Design is definitely human: it adapts, evolves permanently and tries to escape from a single thought, with more or less success. As such, design traces the contours of a hybrid discipline. Design is not a knowledge that animates contexts; it is a context that drives knowledge. Design cannot have a global definition because it is only definable when contextualized, and the contexts of application are innumerable. The practice and goals of the seasoned graphic designer will rarely be similar to those of the service designer, for example.

This absence of definition, or rather the simultaneous plurality of definitions, allows me to propose an additional representation whose sole purpose is to enrich the view of the discipline: a representation that will coexist simultaneously with existing definitions.

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