Avasara Academy

Case Design

Architects: Case Design
Location: Pune, India
State: 2013 – Ongoing
Photography: Ariel Huber

Settled into the valley slope above the village of Lavale, the 4.3 acre campus is located 10 km west of Pune and roughly 145 km southeast of Mumbai.

As a part of the growing township of Knowledge City, the school is uniquely positioned to take advantage of locally shared resources while establishing its own identity as a leader in the education and the development of young women in India. Growing out of the agrarian hillside, the campus is a collection of simple structures arranged around an informal series of walkways, courtyards, gardens and terraces.

Site plan


Culled from local and universal examples of academic, domestic, public and sacred spaces, the architecture responds to site, program and climate, addressing the needs of the community to provide a sanctuary for learning.