At Home Together: Soft Forms of Reappropriation

Antje Steinmuller | Neeraj Bhatia | The Urban Works Agency

At Home Together investigates the intentions and institutions of contemporary collective living experiments in San Francisco. Analyzing these domestic spaces through their spatial and social types as well as political ideology, the research aims to identify inherent patterns within the shifting conceptions of the public and private spheres. Against the backdrop of well-known communes of the 1960s and 70s, presented here are ten contemporary case studies of communal living – from communes to co-living to hacker hostels – as well as five projective design proposals. Framing the tension between the individual and the collective, At Home Together reveals the challenging negotiation between urban hardware and soft forms of reappropriation.

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Research project: The Urban Works Agency
Co-Curators: Neeraj Bhatia & Antje Steinmuller
Exhibition design: Neeraj Bhatia, Antje Steinmuller, Shawn Komlos
Research team: Clare Hacko, Shawn Komlos, Bella Mang, Zhongwei Wang, Zizheng Wu
Consultants: Eric Rogers (Commune Governance), Jason Anderson (AR Consultant)
Additional support: Natthakanya Intharasena, The San Francisco Planning Department
Project design team: Ania Burlinska, Clare Hacko, Cesmarie Jimenez, Haonan Jia, Alexander Pardes
Acknowledgements: Zarinah Agnew, Allison Duettmann, Jen Fedrizzi, Janette Kim, Morgan Martinez, Shaun Michael Quirk, Sparr Risher Christopher Roach, Jay Standish, and the students of the seminar New Invesgations in Collective Living— Gina Bugiada, Georgia Came, Zachary Fish, Sabari Gopakumar, Justine Humble, Yaxin Liu, Javier Franscisco Moctezuma Mendoza, Rosa Ramos, and Carlos Sabogal.
Project support provided by The California College of the Arts Faculty Development Grant and The Urban Works Agency.