Alcántara Housing Ensemble

Izquierdo Lehmann Architects

Architects: Cristián Izquierdo L.
Location: Santiago, Chile
Area: 2,036 m2
Year: 2019

This series of eight houses around a common space is located on an irregular plot previously occupied by a large house, within walking distance from the financial center of Santiago. The common space is conceived as a pedestrian walkway with continuous edges, whereas the houses along its sides have a symmetrical L-shaped plan around a square courtyard.

The central walkway is perpendicular to the street, with three patio-houses to the north and five to the south. Below this level are the parking lots with direct access to each house. The houses’ main level contains the common areas around the 8 x 8 meter patio with one of the sides attached to the edge of the plot (taking the maximum length allowed by the regulations).

The second floor contains the bedrooms in a space attached on both sides to its neighbors, forming two long rectangular pavilions. The laminated wood structure is arranged under a continuous modulation of 77 cm. with the upright elements exposed to the outside on the second floor. Towards the courtyards, they frame the bedroom windows, preventing the view of the neighboring houses. Towards the walkway, they frame a series of larch tiles, creating a wall.

This constant rhythm blurs the differences in the properties into two unitary volumes above each side of the walkway. Between them, a series of cantilevered planters with trees highlight the entrances to the houses and hide the presence of the surrounding large buildings.


Collaborators: Erica Pasetti, Francisco Saul
Structural Engineer: Osvaldo Peñaloza
Constructor: Tecton