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Designer: Lebrel

Photography + audio-visual: Jose Manuel Padrajas

Under the Bridge

Hide from the city in your own city

A hut is a small house with only one or two rooms, especially one which is made of wood, mud, grass, or stones. (Collins)

In this case we are not referring to an idyllic hut you would find in the middle of the woods, but rather to tiny spaces recovered from the city itself were you can hide from the city’s hectic pace. These are locations that, due to their architecture, location or size, have become useless and people hardly notice them when walking by. When we discover, analyze and inhabit these places it reminds us of the feelings of isolation, peace and protection we experienced during childhood when hiding, during a family event, under a round table covered with a long tablecloth.

The purpose of this project is to try to recover similar emotions by means of the existing connections between both spaces:

– The hut within our home and the hiding place within our city
– The family bustle and the traffic rush of cars and trains
– The space under the table and the structure 5 meters above ground (important to leave altitude zero)
– The tablecloth surrounding the table and the great concrete walls
– Accessing the space on all fours vs. turning a handle
– Being able to observe what is going on around us unwatched by the family or the great city

In the execution, we made use of the existing beams under the bridge using them as rails over which a carriage rolls (disassemblable metallic structure). At the end of its path, it links with the furniture creating a useful homey space.

In this way, this moving action creates a dialogue about the union between the mobile structure and the furniture, the house and the home, body and soul.

All this takes place in an environment shared by vegetation, concrete, remote sounds of the city hustle and the pleasure of feeling so close and remote at the same time.

Designer: Lebrel

Photography + audio-visual: Jose Manuel Padrajas

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