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Architects: Studio Gang

Location: New York, USA

Area: 48.800 m2

Year: 2019

Photography: Tom Harris, Timothy Schenck and Nic Lehoux

Solar Carve: A Meatpacking District Landmark

Developed by Aurora Capital and William Gottlieb Real Estate, the new 10-story, Studio Gang-designed office building with gem-like curtain wall is set to become a meatpacking district landmark.

In March 2019, Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate announced that private investment firm Starwood Capital Group Holdings had signed a 14,258-square-foot lease for the entire eighth floor of the building, joining a distinguished roster of companies that have located their offices in the Meatpacking District, including Google, Palantir, Alibaba, Live Nation, and Theory. The ground floor retail space at 40 Tenth Avenue will be home to the U.S. interactive marketing center of Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury automotive brand.

“It’s extremely gratifying to see our vision for 40 Tenth Avenue come to fruition,” said Bobby Cayre, CEO of Aurora Capital Associates. “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many people, the building’s iconic design, amazing views, and abundant outdoor spaces will benefit the Meatpacking District for many years to come.”

Tenants of 40 Tenth will enjoy panoramic views of the Hudson River and Manhattan, as well as over 20,000 square feet of outdoor space, including a 10,000-square-foot shared roof deck, 8,000-square-foot second-floor outdoor space adjacent to the High Line, and eight floors with private outdoor space. The tower portion of the building’s nearly 18-foot ceilings are the tallest in the Meatpacking District and considerably taller than what is standard for new construction in New York City.

“The Meatpacking District is important to our family, and we’re proud that 40 Tenth will now serve as the keystone of our portfolio in the neighborhood,” said Neil Bender, Managing Principal of William Gottlieb Real Estate. “We are long-term, generational holders here and consider ourselves stewards of the neighborhood, with a responsibility to invest in the District and help it evolve.”

The Meatpacking District itself has become an amenity for those who work in the neighborhood. Its multitude of fitness studios and connectivity to the Hudson River Park offer unparalleled options for future residents and employees. New culinary and retail destinations include Restoration Hardware’s New York flagship, Hermès, Loro Piana, Dior, and the much-anticipated return of Kevin McNally’s Pastis.

“All of our efforts with this iconic building have finally come to fruition, and 40 Tenth is now ready to take its place as a marquee office space in the Meatpacking District,” said Jared Epstein, vice president and principal at Aurora Capital Associates. “We couldn’t have done it without our amazing construction and design teams. Watching it evolve has been incredibly rewarding. We are excited to fill 40 Tenth with the many innovators pouring into Meatpacking.”

“The official arrival of 40 Tenth Avenue into the Meatpacking District provides another world-class building in the neighborhood. Its design-forward and striking façade have created a western anchor in the neighborhood and will bring a new class of exciting businesses and tenants to the district,” said Jeffrey LeFrancois, Executive Director of the Meatpacking Business Improvement District. “Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate have played major roles in the recent development of the bustling Meatpacking District, which continues to be an engine for economic and creative activity in New York City.”

Studio Gang’s design is rooted in their ongoing research into buildings that are responsive to the incident sun angles on the site – what they term “solar carving.” In the case of 40 Tenth Ave, the building mass was pushed to the West and carved back in order to prioritize light and fresh air to the High Line. The building’s high-performance façade is characterized by three-dimensional glass units which carve away the corners of the building and create private balconies for tenants that overlook both the park and the river. At the top and adjacent to the park, large terraces provide planted gathering spaces for the building.

Architects: Studio Gang

Location: New York, USA

Area: 48.800 m2

Year: 2019

Photography: Tom Harris, Timothy Schenck and Nic Lehoux

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