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Proposal by Nasim Sehat.

SLICE: A New Urban Living Solution

Observable trends like the gig economy and increasing urbanization are fueling the creation of services that are shared on demand and connected. Existing mobility services, like mobike, or pay-as-you-go coworking services, like nakedHub Go, are good examples that are enhancing and reconstructing city life and work in Chinese cities. People tend to own fewer properties, fewer belongings, fewer bikes and even fewer devices and instead use sharing services. We are nearing a future where new solutions for living and working spaces will be needed.

What is SLICE

SLICE is a sustainable, people-centric, connected, self-contained, and flexible plug’n-play urban living solution that caters to the needs of modern city dwellers, freelancers.

How Does SLICE Work?

SLICE consists of a basic unit configuration: a sleeping module and a toilet module. The units are booked and accessed using a digital service. A deposit is required for first-time users and payment is calculated based on a combination of usage time, configuration of modules and usage of utilities, which is deducted automatically. Using the digital service, the user can report on defect modules which will be replaced.


Location of SLICES

SLICE users can either book units in pre-approved locations or use units they come across. Additionally, users can request units in suburbs, rural areas and in nature, which the service will deliver by automated drones or vans.

Accessibility and Usage

User enter the SLICE through a door, which will open by scanning a QR code. Each SLICE will have access to internet, water, electricity and sewage.


Each SLICE has specific dimensions: 0.8 x 2.4 x 2.8m. Depending on the SLICE quantity, the total length will vary.

Future of SLICE

We expect to see SLICES grow vertically, creating towers. Since the dimensions are small, SLICES can serve more people in a smaller surface area.

SLICE is prefabricated and self-contained. It can be used individually for a particular function or in combination with other SLICES for uses such as sleeping, toilet, shower, kitchen, office and open space to create a larger living space.


Proposal by Nasim Sehat.

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