Singapore Conservatory Houses 226,000 Plants

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In Singapore, this cooled conservatory contains more than a quarter of a million plants from every continent except Antarctica. Designed by British firm, the project known as “Gardens by the Bay” houses a 1.2 hectare “Flower Dome” that emulates the cool/dry climate found in the Mediterranean and a 0.8-hectare “cloud forest” that recreates cool/moist climates synonymous with tropical montane regions. The owner’s technical representative, climate engineering firm Transsolar, produced a proof of concept with small demonstration greenhouses to aid the project. Adrian Turcato of Transsolar, was on hand to elaborate further.

This Singapore conservatory houses 250,000+ plants from every continent (except Antarctica). 

“Plants thrive outside,” said Turcato. “Successfully including plants into buildings requires a deliberate design of a facade system that allows [plants] to thrive without compromising human comfort or operating costs,” said Adrian Turcato, speaking to The Architect’s Newspaper.

Turcato added that “balancing plant requirements for light with human comfort by a direct manipulation of facade thermal and solar control” was also a key goal when developing the proof of concept.