Sundbyøster Hall II

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

Design: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.
Location: Corner of Parmagade and Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Built area: 5,400 sq.m.
Client: Municipality of Copenhagen.
Awards: WAN mixed-use AWARD 2015 (United Kingdom) - Best mixed use building of the year.
Photographs: Adam Mørk and Jens Larsen.

SH2-Sundbyoster Hall II is mixed-use architecture integrating a grocery store, a sports hall and housing units into one building, located in the district of Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a visionary solution for building in dense and complicated city environments.


The ground floor contains a grocery store and an entrance to the sports hall, parking area and apartments. A double-height glass façade on the second floor ensures pedestrians and neighbors a direct view of the activities in the sports hall. It creates a connection between the building and the surrounding city. The hall is open to the public, spans over two floors and is highly adaptable to different types and sizes of events and sports.

Each of the functions is expressed by a unique use of materials, all part of the collective collage. After nightfall, the pleated red-gold wooden façade appears to glow in the light escaping from the vertical ribbon windows as it hits the warm tinted wood. During the day, the ribbon windows bring a pleasant reflected daylight into the building.

12 apartments make up the top of the building. They each have an aluminum-covered bay window from floor to ceiling, as well as a private atrium and rooftop terrace. The construction necessary for the large span of the sports hall is cleverly used to create separating walls between the apartments.


SH2 Axonometric View

The apartments are an alternative to the classic villas and contribute to a diverse demographic composition for the area. In this way, the complex program of the building both adds to and integrates existing functions of the neighborhood.


SH2 East Façade


SH2 North Façade

Entrepreneur: O.Adsbøll og sønner.
Engineer: Klaus Nielsen, rådgivende ingeniører.