Saving Besòs’ Coast: Face Gradual Sea Level Rise


The project is carried out in the area between the mouth of the Besòs River and the port of Badalona, an area with a coastal length of 1.5 km. The Three Chimneys and the turbine hall remained as symbolic elements for the city of Sant Adrià de Besòs after production closed down in 2011.

In the coming decades, temperatures are expected to rise and precipitation drop, and predictions indicate that the flow regime of the Besòs river will suffer a reduction and modification. The coast system will face gradual sea level rise and will be the first zone affected by storm events. This combination of factors, together with the fact that beaches are artificial, will increase the loss of beach area, resulting in the re-orientation of the coast and damages to infrastructures.

This coastal area was once characterized by a rich natural wealth, with landscapes of wetlands, coastal dunes, lagoons and forests that were frequently flooded by the river. This memory serves as a context, but also a trigger for the potential transformations and processes involved in a renewed urban model. Although it is no longer possible to recover the gradient of habitats typical of a delta, the proposal promotes greater ecological diversity. Pioneer species are used to catalyze processes for restoring vegetation and fauna, while reinforcing the nature-based measures used in the project.Full content is available only for registered users. Please login or Register