Recycled Tapialblock: Eco-innovative Materials for a Circular Economy

Fetdeterra | Macari de Torres Mestres | Maite Sainz de la Maza Benet

Recycled tapialblock: prefabricated block with earth and recycled aggregates without baking. 


Recycled Tapialblock is a prefabricated block with earth and recycled aggregates without baking, where the principles of Circular Economy are applied in the construction sector.

It is an Eco-innovative project. We use 100% recycled material. In the manufacturing process, existing precast concrete technology is reused. The product obtained is unique and capable of meeting the actual needs on the market.

The development of the project is based on solving environmental problems that affect the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, with the aim of Reducing, Recycling and Reusing.

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Accredited consultants in Eco-innovation, product design and technological development.
Subsidized by ACCIO, the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalonia, and the Waste Agency of Catalonia

Appearance and surface: Rugged surface texture, with sporadic appearance of coarse aggregate as finishing texture
Finish: Seen
Placement: exterior and interior
Colour: earth
Density: 2100Kg / m3
Compression resistance: 4.0 N / mm2
Cycle resistance moistening / drying = suitable
Resistance to erosion: apt
Water absorption test by capillarity: 4.5%
Oxidable organic material content: 0.06%
Impact resistance :> 24.6 joules
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0,778 W / Mk
Specific heat: 2.05 Mj / m3k
Thermal resistance: 0.514 m2.k / w
Thermal inertia - thermal damping: 83.74%
Thermal inertia - thermal gap: 9.15 hours

The objective of the Fetdeterra stand project at Construmat, was the presentation of Tapialblock. The stand was designed with the premise of coherence among the stand and the new product. Our efforts were focused on enhancing the presence of the material, and turning the visit to the stand into an experience to enjoy the sensations transmitted by the material itself.
Design Bases of:
-Use of a single material, the Tapialblock.
-Quick assembly and dismantling, thanks to the prefabricated system.
-The blocks are dry placed, to be able to reuse 100% of the blocks, and not generate any waste.
-Minimize costs in material, assembly and disassembly.

With this project, we obtain a positive social impact of the acceptance of the product, which is confirmed with the 1st prize obtained as innovative material at the fair. Minimal impact on the environment, achieved through the non-generation of waste, before, during or at the end of the event. Low economic impact by eliminating the cost of the material, by reusing 100% of the product, the blocks are recovered and then placed in a single-family house.