Parallel Sprawl: Urban Sprawls and Suburban Landscapes

Ibai Rigby | Parallel Sprawl

With city centres all over the world succumbing to land grabbing through tourism and global capital, more and more pressure will be exerted on their surrounding territories in the form of urban sprawl. While too often neglected, when not derided by the architecture discipline, this middle landscape is the arena where the struggle for the future of human habitation will be fought.

By looking into two diametrically opposite case studies in the European continent (but both outside of the European Union), Switzerland and Kosovo, the former extremely rich and old, the later extremely poor and young, we’re anticipating the conditions in which the future architects will need to operate given the ramping shrinking of public institutions and the ongoing project of inequality, in order to remain relevant.

Through a series of interviews with local and international experts in urban planning, together with drone and car footage, the Parallel Sprawl film tries to better portrait these suburban landscapes and offer some answers and questions about such phenomena.