Observatorio Desértico


Architects: S-AR.
Project Team: Cesar Guerrero, Ana Cecilia Garza, Carlos Flores, Maria Sevilla.
Location: Nuevo León, México.
Photographs: Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal.

This observatory is a project to dignify the matter. Its construction and design comes from a series of wooden pallets found as trash and that were used to erect a fence to limit a plot in a terrain of great beauty. There, the material was facing its own natural destruction process.


Although is a constructive exercise, this is an atypical project.  Its fields of investigation moves way from the common and contemporary look of an always perfect Architecture (immune to time and natural forces).

It’s an exercise of order, not precision. Its real interest is about destruction and the meaning of things rather than their construction and their useful life.







We found interesting to rescue this modular pieces and build a space with another purpose: the final transformation of that matter throughout a different understanding. In this case go from being a sub-estimated bunch of material to be another very elementary to build a small pavilion. In this space you can find some rest after a long walk at the Mexican northeast’ semi-desert area. The discovery of this “architecturized” site among the walk, serves as a platform not only to rest, but also to observe and admire the surroundings (the orography, the flora and fauna) through time.



Finally, the material, the matter, the main material of the project continues it’s destruction process with another purpose more related with the generation of knowledge, consciousness and calm, than only with the idea of being used as a limit for a specific part of the world.


The pavilion waits lonely for its users, waiting to be seen and used again until be destroyed by time, weather and natural elements.


Drawings + Model: Dominique Silva.
Construction: Rubén y Jaime Hernández Hernández.
Client: No client.
Construction area: 18 s.q.m.