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Municipal Affordable Housing

In close proximity to the city center, six residential units with 90 apartments offer a variety of mixed-use public and semi-public spaces, creating a vibrant and strong sense of community. CHK’s design combines core elements of communal living, social exchange, and flexible building solutions, once again underlining the studio’s commitment to human-centered design and forward-thinking architectural solutions.

This pilot project demonstrates unity between the public and private spheres, incorporating open and communal spaces in all aspects, from urban integration to housing solutions, enabling a new experience of flexible living. Endowed by the Brno Municipality, the project offers affordable housing solutions for families and the younger generation with social activation ever-present in its design. While it strongly addresses the housing crisis with a feasible solution in Brno, Municipal Affordable Housing is an enhanced alternative to the standard residential buildings built by developers around the globe. Furthermore, its ingenious financial model of payments makes home ownership possible for young residents. Following a small down payment, the tenants slowly pay off the apartment through the monthly rent, eventually becoming homeowners.

Covering a total of 10,362 m2 , the complex is seamlessly integrated into the historic urban plan with its narrow divisions. By invigorating existing urban dynamics, CHK enables the future alignment of the block by setting a precedent for fundamental ideas of inclusivity and community. The natural flow of urban connectivity between the complex and the surrounding area infuses it with new life and social value. The newly created courtyard and walkable areas along the length and width of the city block create a network of public spaces for the residents and surrounding communities.

The housing areas engage with the urban framework, encouraging easy access to the adjoining quarter and areas beyond. The activation of each ground level with workshop spaces, a community center, shops, cafes and more supports a vigorous urban atmosphere and social exchange for the residents and the community. Situated around the main courtyard, lush greenery is incorporated into this bustling community, serving as a calming oasis for the public. By including these open and common spaces that are not only for residents, the area becomes a part of the everyday life of all passersby, making the complex truly communal.

All six buildings feature multiple common areas, providing complementary spaces for all residents. A shared rooftop area, the expanded area of the main stairways, and Brno’s typical courtyard architecture of continuous balconies wrapping around each building further enhance communal spaces providing more social cohesion than standard housing designs. The added volume in the main staircase allows residents additional areas for multiple uses such as coworking, a community-shared living room, children’s play areas and more. Composed of translucent walls bringing in an abundance of light, these shared areas foster the strengthening of social interaction.

Expanding on the human-centered focus of the complex, the apartment design empowers residents to shape their own living space according to their needs. The movable, sliding walls enable simple alterations of the layout, offering a multifunctional use of the space – either private or open. These sliding walls allow the coexistence of multiple domestic configurations, inspiring a new experience for urban living driven by the vision of human-centered, flexible and sustainable life. Ultimately, with the compact and flexible apartments, the complex embodies new housing and living concepts, prioritizing the additional social aspect that is interwoven into daily living and routine.

“As we continually seek to build structures that empower and serve people’s needs, this project represents a crucial component for the development of social equality in society today. Ultimately, it contributes to the socio-economic progress of creating effective social policies for all,” said Michal Krištof, CHK co-founder.

In its essence, the design celebrates the benefits of communal living with the integration of flexible and sustainable homes in a network of shared spaces, suited to meet the needs of its diverse community.


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