Making an Impact: “It’s not the shape of a building, it’s what it does to people”

PLANE—SITE | Tatiana Bilbao

Curated and produced by PLANE—SITE, this video series features interviews with prominent architects reflecting on the topics of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE.

Tatiana Bilbao suggests that the architect has a moral responsibility to foreground people over profit. In her words, “It’s not the shape of a building, it’s what it does to people”, and architecture is the act of “making places and spaces, by people, for people”.

This video brings together an interview with Bilbao and sequences from Mexico City: including the Tatiana Bilbao Estudio office, the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city, and several completed building projects. Bilbao discusses her design philosophy, including the role of the architect in society, how a building can enhance human life, and the necessity for intricate hand-work and locally sourced materials.

The Time-Space-Existence video series has already featured both prominent and emerging architects including Denise Scott-Brown, Peter Eisenman, Meinhard von Gerkan, WOHA Architects, Curt Fentress, Dirk Hebel, Arata Isozaki and others. The series will be exhibited in Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora, and distributed digitally to the media and press. At least one video will be released each month in the run up to the opening of the exhibition.

This interview series has been made possible with the support of the European Cultural Centre.
Videographer: Michael Waldrep