Informal Housing: How Can We Build Affordable Housing as a Seed of Urban Sprawl without Overcrowding?- copy

Angello Coarite Asencio

The construction of informal housing has a global demand of approximately 43.98% (UN Data – World Bank). The majority of informal housing is located in sectors or areas with fewer economic resources and development processes. This is how it expands, develops and forms our cities worldwide, creating and defining models and types.

Since time immemorial, informal housing – buildings that do not conform to the parameters of zoning or construction techniques based on summation – was the housing method used by many people with limited economic resources; this method generated an uncontrolled expansion of our cities. This approach will not change; on the contrary, it will continue to grow within cities that are becoming increasingly urbanized. This phenomena is occurring worldwide with different degrees of complexity, scale and territorial characteristics.

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