In Motion. Europan 13


Architects: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro
Collaborators: Ramón Martínez, Angela Juarranz, Jacob Kummer, Guillermo Diego

An adaptable city is a city capable of managing times of change and keeping up with the speed of its inhabitants. A self-sufficient city is a city that thinks of its life cycles as synchronized with the production of resources.


The landscape and buildings fix the experience of visiting and dwelling in one unique place.

Thanks to tools such as Google Earth, the global vision of our territory is within our reach. However, this powerful image is not present in the interior of our cities. Walking through the urban centre, we cannot see the place we occupy in the total ecosystem. The city is separated from the landscape by an element unclaimed by any of the agents who built the city: the unplanned pavement.

We propose a city that is built on the foundations of a city-landscape coexistence. We reclaim the presence of the landscape in our everyday life so that it can join the rest of the elements of cultural heritage that we guard as a society, and to activate the need for their care.

However, the landscape has not been destroyed by the advancing city: it waits patiently underneath the pavement. We can grow without substituting; we can grow by adding and leaving be.

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