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Architects: GG-loop

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Area: 161,5 m2

Year: 2019

Photography: Francisco Nogueira and Michael Sieber

Freebooter: Experience and Well-being

Designed and developed by Amsterdam-based studio GG-loop, the project is an expression of the studio’s signature and philosophy of responding to the design brief with the experience and wellbeing of the end-user continuously in mind.

“We are part of nature in a deep and fundamental way, but in our modern lives we’ve lost that connection. Our studio envisions home and city design that respects both inhabitants and the environment, reconnecting both in the process,” says Giacomo Garziano, architect, designer and founder of GG-loop.

“Freebooter is a response to that; as I see it, biophilic design is the key to truly innovative design, balancing the technical aspects of environmentally conscious construction with the qualitative, lived-in experience of an organic and natural space,” Garziano says.

Among other features in these homes, Garziano studied the movement of the sun year-round to create the parametric shape and positioning of the building’s louvers, allowing optimal sunlight to flood the apartment while at the same time maintaining the necessary privacy of the inhabitants.

The floorplan, flow of spaces and organic lines were also created with careful consideration to daily use and the typical tasks of dwellers – in short, so the home is a healthy and productive habitat for rest and living.

“The spaces are very fluid and organic and ‘unfold’ as you move through the home,” Garziano says.

GG-loop’s design aesthetic is extravagant without being invasive, visionary and futuristic while paying attention to local cultures, customs and sensibilities. Construction of the key internal elements required strong craftsmanship and timberwork, as well as solid structural expertise.

Maritime design was the main source of Freebooter’s aesthetic and was also a source of technical inspiration. The development’s construction was entirely prefabricated down to the last detail, with western red cedar, pine and steel used as the key materials throughout each apartment – references to the materials used in shipbuilding.

Freebooter also takes a cue from Dutch maritime history, and in particular ‘Freebooters’, historical figures who assembled freelance sailing teams to take to the high seas in search of adventure and new lands. Freebooter’s design was inspired by their courageous spirit, as it explores new realms of design.

“The Dutch have always been pioneers and innovators and have an incredible drive to go for it. So too did the team that built these homes,” says Garziano.

Architects: GG-loop

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Area: 161,5 m2

Year: 2019

Photography: Francisco Nogueira and Michael Sieber

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