Forest City

Stefano Boeri

Architects: Stefano Boeri Architetti Milan/Shanghai with Shanghai Tongyan Architectural and Planning Design Co. Ltd.
Location: Liuzhou, China
Year: 2016-2020
Client: Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning Bureau
Surface: 138.5 ha

Shenzhen and other cities, are reaching a population of 60 million people. Shijiazhuang for its part, has a sad record: it is the city with the highest rate of air pollution in China. A pall of smog and soot rising only a few days a year. The Forest City in Shijiazhuang will be a new city for 100,000 inhabitants. A city of a new generation, capable of becoming a model of sustainable growth in a large country seeing, each year, 14 million farmers migrating to the cities.

1. The prototype of a city composed by Vertical Forests.
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