Esquina Tonalá: Double Façade Apartment Building

Bloqe Arquitectura

Architects: Bloqe Arquitectura
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2019
Photography: Onnis Luque

The general concept for Esquina Tonalá comes from the pursuit of making an apartment building with two sides facing the street covered in two layers of skin, a double façade, to get the maximum use of the natural air circulation and sunlight. This double façade also protects the residences as a natural wrapping that produces natural shade for all the exterior spaces.

The building has four stories: a commercial space on the first floor and four apartments distributed across the three floors above. Its simple volume adapts to the immediate context, creating terraces in each space overlooking the street. Furthermore, a third façade is created by making a separation in the boundary on Guanajuato street, allowing more natural light inside the apartments.

On the ground level, a commercial space with high ceilings is located on the corner, connecting it with both streets. The apartments on the upper stories are covered by a double façade made of artisanal bricks, providing good air circulation. The use of natural materials such as pigmented concrete, oak wood, baked brick, granite, and marble give the building an artisanal personality and a longer life.

Two apartments are located on the second floor, and two duplex apartments with internal circulation are located on the third and fourth floors. These last two have access to a roof garden, making the most of the rooftop.