Eight Concepts

Teresa Galí-Izard

Author: Teresa Galí-Izard
Excerpt from the book Suprarural Suprarural: Atlas of Rural Protocols of the American Midwest and the Argentine Pampas, presents an alternative approach to existing models of relationship between the urban and the natural based on palliative, decorative, or hygienist ethics.

1. Pragmatism

A fence that divides a field, a storage silo, a perpendicular intersection between two roads, a tractor or a windmill are basic elements, implements that give us clues to the actions that occur in a given territory. Their selection determines the essential aspects for the industrialization of the place, for the implementation of a new ecosystem. They are signs that help us understand in an environment we are not familiar with and signs for a different future: how it is activated, how it is transformed and how it is prepared. Their combination is just the opposite: a sophistication and a complex design that relates them to one another. “From the unit to the entity” is the expression of the meaning of architecture that, in a complex way, explores the multiple relationships that can be derived from the combination of independent pieces. It is an exploration founded on a rule‐based system of unexpected relationships that lead to apparently impossible formalizations, which will be integrated and absorbed as normal in a not-so-distant future.


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