Donald Judd, Brilliance and Marks in the Landscape

Gillermo Zuaznabar

This article gathers information and stories of the publication, Donald Judd. Open Enclosed a forthcoming book by Actar Publishers. The Spanish version is titled Donald Judd en el paisaje. publishes the Spanish version of this article.

It was very difficult to go to the house of that woman and to take away with us the paintings of her son, which were hung on the walls of the living room and the other rooms. On taking down the paintings the marks remained on the walls. Those paintings had been there forever. The woman, very old, was very upset, scolded us, we were taking away part of her life, her memories. Those paintings meant a lot to her, they were her son’s paintings, but it was he himself who, in a threatening tone, had sent us to get them: “Bring them all back! Don’t leave any of them behind!”. We put all the paintings in a van and started our long journey back to Marfa.

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