Vicente Guallart

Vicente Guallart was chief architect (2011-2015) of Barcelona City Council with the responsibility of developing the strategic vision of the transformation of the city and its major development projects. He was the first manager of Urban Habitat, a new department encompassing the areas of urban planning, housing, environment, infrastructures and information technologies. Previously in 2001 he founded the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), one of the best Architectural Master Schools in the world, where he led projects such as Media House Project (with MIT’s CBA), Hyper Catalunya, or the Fab Lab House. His professional office, Guallart Architects has developed projects such as the ports of Fugee and Keelung in Taiwan, the Sociopolis neighborhood in Valencia or Gandia Sharing Blocks. He is the author of books like Geologics or The Self-Sufficient City and co-author of the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture (all published by Actar Publishers). His work has been exhibited at the Biennale of Venezia, MOMA or AIA in Washington. He has published recently “The self-sufficient city” a book that outlines a blueprint for the world to come, a world built around cities and their renewed capabilities to become productive again, based on the principles of local self-sufficiency and global connectivity.