Studioninedots was established by Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut and Metin van Zijl in 2010 in Amsterdam. It is an international operating office with an architectural playing field ranging from designing a chair to developing a city. Studioninedots sees architecture as a reflection of contemporary urban culture which touches upon trends, movements, cultures, conflict, diversity, change, interaction, surprise, opportunities, threats, density, ecology and complexity. In its architecture and urban design the office integrates urban processes to get resourceful answers to current design queries.

The correlation between knowledge and creativity is the strength of the office. The inception of the design process is uncovering the essence of assignment. By making the project tangible, space is created for new ways of thinking, for influences outside architecture or urbanism, and to think and work interdisciplinary. Due to extensive experience the office is able to flawlessly get progressive ideas and designs into a realistic framework, in close collaboration with the client. Thus complex designs can be fast and effectively turned into reality.

Studioninedots designs sophisticated projects that define themselves through an apparent simplicity and a richness of experience. It creates buildings that express a constant sensory perception between recognition and surprise. By re-arranging the common-placed urban elements, buildings and plans are created that embody urban processes, giving them an agility to move with the dynamics of the city and therefore stay meaningful in a constant changing environment.