RICA* is a young architectural office and a platform for design investigation operating across many scales. Based in Madrid and New York RICA* represents a new phase for Iñaqui Carnicero and Lorena del Río who together bring an extensive and diverse
building experience. Our practice has been developed in two vastly different economic scenarios and geographic scenarios. A boom period where young offices like ours, through open competitions, could experiment with new ideas and build them was followed by economic restriction, budget cuts, and lack of investment we were led to rethink our profession and raise the question, “to what ends are we useful in today’s society?” Since 2012 we teach and practice in the US and our involvement in American Academia has allowed us to delve into the research of the same topics we were investigating in our practice through competitions and built work but from a different perspective, connecting our production with contemporary topics and the architectural discourse. As a result
we have expanded our borders applying our ideas and design solutions to different political context and cultural scenarios.