PAX. ARQ is a multidisciplinary Studio that develops projects in several scales, having as main objective the innovation through the merger between the traditional and digital manufacturing technologies; conceived as a collective result of the collaborative work among its members and external participants.

Paula Sertório and Victor Paixão, graduated in architecture and urbanism at FAAP respectively in 2008 and Mackenzie in 2006, are the front of this collective, conquering national and international recognition and awards, such as: MCB Design Award, with Atiati chair; London Adaptable Gallery 2008, contest developed by the Architectural Association; New Practices New York-Sao Paulo, an award given by the AIA New York, and recently the 2016 Design Salon Award, with the Daki chair, they received a nomination for MCHAP 2014/2015 [Mies Crawn Hall America´s Prize] with Workshop-House Tecnomec project.