Workshop House Tecnomec


Design: PAX.ARQ.
Architects: Paula Sertório, Victor Paixão.
Design team: Alecsander Gonçalves, Isabella Fatarelli, Lucas Lemos, Miguel Muralha, Murilo Gabriele, Renata Lovro, Renata Stefanelli, Sebastian Perez Sarralde, Ubirata Prilip.
Location: São Paulo, Brazil.
Photographs : Bruno Candiotto.

As a result of a particular programmatic condition, the Workshop House project was conceived to host a residence, a high-performance mechanical workshop and classrooms in a 260m² terrain located in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo.



The programmatic activities were distributed in a specific way to make the most of the space from a functional and a legal point of view. The result is a separation of the program across three levels: the ground floor, which hosts the mechanical workshop activities, revisions, repairs, part washing and a dynamometer room for vehicle testing; the first floor, where the classrooms, study rooms and bathrooms are located; and the second floor, reserved for the residence.


All the activities are administered by a single inhabitant, who divides his daily schedule among the different spaces, each of which has particular characteristics. When all the spaces are joined together, the relationship serves to generate a specific morphology that is a consequence of the conditions that lie at the origin of the project.




South Elevation & Section



The concrete inclined slab gathers a major role among the whole composition as an element capable of offering diverse solutions. It embodies the visual limit between the public and private realms, while it shelters the upper domains from noise pollution and the mechanical equipment on the ground-floor. Simultaneously, it enhances natural ventilation and illumination for the workshop and classrooms, while facilitating rain water capturing for reuse.




Axonometric Detail


The relationship between the building and the city is compelling, as the composition draws back voluntarily from the limits of the plot and opens up the urban corner in a gentle way, providing a place for gathering and urban encounters in the surrounding area.


Structural Engineering: Telecki Arquitetura de Projetos.
Landscape Architecture: Marcel Steiner.
Building Services (Electrical, Hydraulics, Air-Conditioning): Grau Engenharia.
Construction: SBN Engenharia Construções e Acabamentos.
Foundation Consulting: Apoio Assessoria e Projetos de Fundações.
Concrete Formwork: EPM Sistemas de Fôrmas.
Exterior Finishes: Belmetal, Wallbond System.
Metalwork: Montart Esquadrias Metálicas.
Woodwork: HH Móveis.
Acoustic Paneling: SPR Divisórias Articuladas.
Lightning: Reka.
Wooden Floors: Pau Pau.
Exterior Pavement: Drenaltec.